By: Ryan Elias

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 9th Aug 2021

Good for you, you fooled everybody

Good for you, you fooled everyone

Good for you, now you’re somebody

Good for you, you fooled everyone


We fade in on Ryan Elias sitting in a chair, left leg crossed over his right, his suit finally tailored, head and face freshly shaved, and a whiskey glass in his right hand. Both of his arms rest on the oversized arms of the chair he sits on. Behind him the backdrop betrays nothing, a blank canvas of grey bricks, only a slight bit darker than their mortar.


Everyone in this industry wants to be scary, they want people to quiver at the mere mention of their name. But that isnít how this really works is it? No, most of us are just playing the part of the evil scary man, case and point Korrupt! But I would ask you this one simple question, what is better, to be feared and discovered to be weak, or to be thought of as weak and discovered to be someone to be feared? Iíll wait while you think that over.


Elias takes a sip of his whiskey then lowers his arm back to the chair, his eyes never leaving the camera.


I have a bargain for you Korrupt, this week you and I get into that ring and we find out who really is scarier. You win, Iíll tell the world that it is better to be upfront scary, to be feared before you even get into the ring. I win, you cut the smoke and mirrors game, you step out from behind the production and show the world just who the fuck you really are.† I understand this proposition is a bit scary, and you may need time to think about it, but this is my bargain to you.




Now you may not be familiar with the idea of a bargain, and thatís ok Korrupt, I have quite the experience with them and am willing to help you understand just how it works.† Letís start with the definition of a bargain.




Pretty straight forward right? Yeah I thought so too. So now that we are both in agreement of what a bargain is and we are not squabbling over the details of the definition letís talk about the bargain I have proposed.† Our bargain is an if/then type of bargain.† What that means is that If something happens then something else will happen. Have I lost you? No? Good so what then defines the type of bargain I am offering is that for one to achieve the favorable end of the bargain one must first obtain the favorable IF end of the bargain.†


Now personally these are my favorite types of bargains, they make you work just that much harder to achieve the desired outcome. I have used them all my life to get what I want in situations that most people would not put themselves into. See when you deal with actual scary people you find that they love nothing more than making a bargain. They love it more when the idea of getting everything they want is on the table. In that instance the if/then bargain is quite beneficial. But only to the one who gets the desirable outcome.†


So where does that put us? That is a great question, and I am glad you are thinking about it right now, because I have an answer for you. We are in the middle of the acceptance of said bargain, now I know at this very moment I wonít have an answer from you, and that is quite okay.† You will probably need some time to think it over, ya know consult with your PR guy or some shit, find out if accepting it is good for the image you have created, I get it. Just know that if you donít accept it, itís ok I still plan onÖ




Leave your weapon on the table

Wrapped in burlap, barely able

Don’t get angry, don’t discourage

Take a shot of liquid courage


Oh damn Iím sorry did that slip out? Sometimes I just say the damndest things, itís like there is no filter. A thought just pops into my mind and then comes spilling out of my mouth. I should probably work on it, but honestly I donít fucking care. That is where I differ from everyone else in this industry. While you work on your image, try and show the world what you think they want to see, try to play some mind games, I am just going to do what I do.†




Newsflash it doesnít matter what I say, what matters is what I do when we get into that ring, what matters is the outcome. Thatís the bargain I make with every single fan, with every single competitor, every single promoter I work for everyday. I am going to get into that ring and do what I fucking do. If you canít handle it then donít show up, tuck tail and run, and you know all about it. Maybe you can hire some fucking non descript figure to show up and take your placeÖ




No matter how many people tell you that itís cool to have someone else speak for you, it really is a dumb fucking idea. No one wants to hear from some dude pretending to be something they are not, while trying to further the mystique of someone else, or themself. I mean come the fuck on, I have heard better ideas from aÖ




You want to know the real bargain Korrupt, the whole damn truth of what I am offering? I am going to show up at Venom and beat your ass all over the ring, then I am going to walk out and not think about you until they decide to put you back in that ring with me. Because that is where you rank on my list of importance.†




Because you bring nothing to the table for me, you scare me as much as being in the water scares a fish. So pretend to be some mysterious figure, have some friend speak for you to push up your mystique, I donít care, and after Venom Iíll forget all about you. You will just be another speed bump on my journey to the top.


Cause my monsters are real, and they’re trained how to kill

And there’s no comin’ back and they just laughed at how I feel

And these monsters can fight, and they’ll never say die

And there’s no goin’ back, if I get trapped I’ll never heal

Yeah, my monsters are real




Pedro stepped out of his limo with a smile, both women followed him and immediately joined arms. There was no media around, but one could never be too careful and Pedro had an image to uphold, always needing to be seen with two women on his arms. The trio strode up the sidewalk and made their way into the Italian eatery. The host immediately took them to the back to sit them at Pedroís usual table but it was already occupied by Ryan Elias.


“Please have a seat.” Ryan said, waving to them to sit down with his right hand. A long hesitation followed as the three seemingly pondered their options before one of the women with a smile slid into the half circle booth, getting close to Ryan. The other woman followed suit and then Pedro sat down last.†


“I didnít know what they were doing to you.” Pedro said, a shake of fear in his voice. Neither woman noticed, they were too busy staring at Ryan.†


“Itís ok Pedro, I understand. Quite the camouflage you have with you today.” Ryan smiles. Both women took notice of what he meant and smiled as well, their eyes still fixed on him.†


“Look I swear I had nothing to do with it, I swear.” Pedro pleaded as the host watched on with confusion.


“Donít mind him, heís always worried that I will take his women from him, he rambles when he gets nervous.” Ryan flashed the host a smile that sent her at ease. She smiled back and made her way back to the front of the restaurant.†


“What are you going to do to me?” Pedro asked as he looked around the restaurant nervously and realized they were the only ones there.


“Nothing.” Ryan replied as he took a bite out of a breadstick. “I wonít lie and tell you that I didnít give thought to it.” Ryan stopped, took another bite of the breadstick and let his words just hang in the air.


“So what do you want from me?” Pedro finally asked.


“The list.” Ryan said as he smiled at the women. “I want all of the names, everything.”†


“I canít do that.” Pedro replied.


“You sound just like a young man I met a few years back. Good kid, always ready to help out when I needed it. If I wanted a coffee, he would go and get it, if I wanted company he had all kinds of friends that would show up. Never stopped trying to make me and everyone else happy, until he couldnít give me what I needed.” Ryan took another bite of the breadstick.


“And?” Pedro asked.


“I donít know, he disappeared the next day, no one has ever found him. People think he got in with the wrong crowd and well you know what happens when you get in with the wrong crowd Pedro.” Ryan winked at the women. “You lose everything.”†


“You…did you..?” Pedro stumbled over the words trying to ask the question.


“Fail me and you get to find out. Now get me the names, get me everything.” Ryan set the breadstick down and took a sip of his water.†


“Come on girls.” Pedro said as he slid out of the booth.


“I think you will be going home alone this afternoon Pedro. Donít worry though I will show them the good time they thought they were going to get with you.” Ryan winked as Pedro snarled a bit.†


“You are a real piece of shit Ryan. You can use the wrestling business to cover all you want, but one day, one day someone is going to catch on, and that day, that will be a good damn day for all of us.” Pedro turned to walk away.


Ryan just smiled and turned his attention to the women. “So who wants to go first?” He asked, both women biting their lower lips as they leaned forward.

Words Count: 1823