You Never Forget Your First FIGHT

By: Ben Reeves

Writing Prompt: No

Date: 15th Apr 2022

“How do I start this?”

The camera turns on and we see the young face of Ben Reeves.  It’s not some shiny new iPhone 13 Pro Max loaded into one of those selfie harnesses you see those video bloggers wearing while walking obliviously around the city.  Talking about whatever bullshit they think people on YouTube want to watch.

No, it’s some grainy as shit video being shot on an iPhone 4, yes a fucking 4.  Using some jailbroke software to get past the fact Apple doesn’t even support this thing anymore.  Pretty sure he got it for free from a Goodwill, they can’t even sell these things anymore these days.  It’s lucky for him that someone didn’t just throw it out.

So with his old ass phone, he is walking down some street in Manhattan.  Just staring at the phone for a few moments as he ponders what to even say.

“I’d say this is always the toughest thing to do in a new fed, introducing yourself, but this is my first fed and I have no previous experience to pull from.  Still Fight! NYC was cool enough to sign me after years of only watching this sport on tv and going to camps.  After years of my guardians trying to convince me to pursue something else… anything else.  But when you’re built like a tank, six foot nine and three hundred fifteen pounds at the age of eighteen to be exact, this business pretty much is calling you.”

He continues to walk down the street as he takes another moment to as he understands the word guardians may throw off some people.  Or at the very least sparks more questions.

“And yes, my guardians.  It’s a long story about my parents.  They’re both still alive, but neither were capable of raising me after my birth.  So after a short time in an orphanag, I was adopted by the Reeves family and raised her in the heart of New York City, Manhattan.  My guardians have always been awesome, they’ve treated me like I was their own from the very start.  It helps they never had any children of their own, so there was less chance of being treated like Harry Potter and getting stuffed in the staircase closet.

Reeves chuckles, even though those books are mostly all older than he is.  But he has seen all the movies, because of course he has.  As a kid he even dressed up as Hagrid for Halloween.  I think you can guess why.

“They hoped for something better for me though.  They know this business, Austin, my adopted father, his brother was a wrestler long ago.  So he knows how unlikely it is for one to be successful.  But he wasn’t built anything like me.  He was a more technical wrestler.  Using collar-elbow tie ups and submissions.  That’s not my style.  I like to keep it simple.  Hit, slam, pin.”

Ben smiles as he knows he will finally get the chance to do it for real this week.

“Well, I liked to keep it simple in wrestling camps.  I’ve never had a real match yet with me just turning eighteen a little over a month ago.  All that legal bullshit.  What are they afraid of?  Some adult nearly murdering a kid in the ring?  Who would be dumb enough to let that happen?”

He shrugs it off, it’s no longer an issue now.  He is eighteen and he will get the chance to show everyone what he can do.  What he thinks he can do.  Then he can open the doors that have been closed to him for so long.

“Tyler.  Streets.  You seem like a loud mouth douchebag who would take that as a compliment.  You seem like some silver tongued son.  Both in the fact you can probably talk your way out of anything, talking yourself up while talking down anyone in your way.  Probably not the most talented, but great at positioning yourself near the top of any mountain you are looking to climb.  Maybe mommy and daddy lined your pockets with plenty of silver to help you feel like you were better than everyone else.  And if any of that is true, good for you man.  Who am I to hate one someone just because they have taken advantage of advantages that life has given him.”

“Because that is what I intend to do too Tyler.  Just look at the size of me.  I’m not gonna talk my way to the top of any mountain.  I’m going to take my size sixteen boot and kick that mountain’s peak.  Ben Bash!  Reeves Ravage!  I am going to cause havoc here in Fight I am going to have fun every minute I’m doing it.”

A huge smile is now engulfing Ben’s face, like a kid on Christmas morning, because he is a kid and this is going to be the best gift that he has ever been given.

“I don’t know about you Ty, but this is something I’ve been dreaming about since I was a child.  Staying up late and watching local wrestling shows on YouTube.  Practicing wrestling moves on stuffed animals in my bedroom and cutting promos in the mirror of the bathroom.  You can be as brash and crass as you want me to be.  I’m sure you’ll try to cut me down to more of your size.  Try to use your words as daggers to stab deep inside of me.  But I am used to it.  My skin is tough.  You couldn’t even imagine what I have been called as a kid in school.  They thought I was freak.”

The repressed memories start to flow back as Ben tries to keep the emotions back.  You can’t show any signs of weakness in this business, especially when going up against some of the likes of Tyler.  He will eat you alive, verbally, and not literally like Ben could if he got hungry in the ring this week.

“You remind me of them, Tyler, those bullies from high school. Using words to hurt others.  But we will see if you are more than just words.  We will see if you can back it up in the ring, or if I will shatter the glass jaw that houses your silver tongue.  I’m sure you will try to dunk on me, but know I am stronger than any words you can spit at me.  Maybe you can out wrestle me on Venom.  Maybe you will get the win as I clumsily try to find my place in that ring this week.  But I will learn.  I will grow.  I will become a better person and wrestler.  I hope you can grow too Tyler.  I doubt it though.”

He stops walking in the street as he reaches the subway station he needs to take to get to JFK.  To catch the flight that Fight has booked for him to get to Venom #20, to debut in their fed, to wrestle in his first match ever, against bravado filled Tyler Streets.  The excitement is starting to build, the reality of the situation is truly starting to hit him.

“This is my start, the start of everything.  So much of my future is ahead of me.  While so much of my past will fight to stay in, the past.  See you at Venom Tyler, I honestly can’t wait for the first of what I hope is many, many matches.”

Tylers smiles as and slowly nods his head as he takes the iPhone 4 and turns off the video.  His battery nearly dead as he goes to reach into his backpack for a charger pack.  But before he can, his phone buzzes with a text message.  He hopes it is nothing from Fight.  Hopefully they haven’t had second thoughts about his signing, about his debut match.

–Ben, we need to talk one more time about your match this week.  You can’t ignore me, you can’t ignore us.  You know it will not end well for you.–

Ben just shakes his head.  He isn’t going to let them ruin this for him.  Like he said, this is all he has ever wanted.  This has been his dream ever since he could remember.  It doesn’t matter what kind of darkness lies in his past.  He is going to blind it all with the bright lights inside that Fight ring.  With the brightness that his new stardom will shine on everyone that tries to come on him.

“Here I come Fight, nobody is going to stop me.  This is going to be, awesome!”

Exclaims Ben as he nearly jumps down half the stairs into the New York City subway system to embark on his long journey, on his first of many FIGHTS.