Betsy GrangerBetsy Granger

"The Impossible Traveler"

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Betsy Granger


Betsy Granger


The Impossible Traveler


5’9”, 135


Blake Lively


“Blinding Lights” by Fame on Fire


Sleeper hold (with body scissors)
Ringpost Figure-four leglock
Armwringer (aka spinning wristlock)
Stretch Plum
Sugar Hold (a nelson hold on a prone opponent with knees driven into the back)
Bridging Fujiwara armbar
Lotus lock
Cloverleaf with armlock
Arm-hook sleeper
Straight jacket (aka Japanese stranglehold)

Semi-circular kick
Karate-style low/middle/high kicks (often as clinch counters)
Backflip kick (aka Pele kick)
Overhead kick
Rolling Koppu kick
Reverse roundhouse kick
Tiger feint kick

Corner foot choke
Grapevine cradle
Spinning crucifix toss (only on opponents her size or lighter)
Single leg dropkick


Trademark Move(s):
1) Plante de Visage
2) Galactic Advantage
3) Down You Go!

1) Hurricanrana Driver
2) Snapmare Driver
3) Cobra Clutch Legsweep


Tuez Les Etoiles - Indian deathlock surfboard transitioned into a bridging counter -


Betsy grew up on a small farm in Bellevue, Iowa. Even as a child, Betsy was exceptionally clever and cognitively ahead of the curve. This trait was met in two very different styles by her parents Joel and Elena. While Joel doted on and encouraged his daughter's brainy ways, Elena was disappointed that Betsy wasn't more like her sister, beauty pageant queen Adelaide. Shy and quiet when she was younger, Betsy was dubbed "Brainy Betsy" by her classmates and bullied mercilessly for it. After she graduated high school at 16, Betsy still couldn't find her way, even among the older students who were mentally up to speed. She was quickly accepted to the University of California in San Diego, where she met her best friends Elizabeth Lannister and Adam Sanders. They shared her lifelong passion for wrestling and as luck would have it, EXODUS Pro would soon make the RIMAC on their university campus it's permanent home.

After two years there, the friends went their separate ways. Adam and Elizabeth both pursued in-ring careers while Betsy ran away to Europe to finish out her education at the University of Oxford. Earning a double degree in Linguistics and Foreign Policy, Betsy set out on her first attempt in the ring. Without proper training, she crashed and burned quickly, retreating from the spotlight with her tail between her legs. She kept a low-profile, but remained friends with those she had met in her short time in the business. Before too long, she got the itch again, only this time, she knew she needed to seek out a proper mentor. This is how she ended up on the doorstep of Andreas and Heather Lasiewicz. The two legendary wrestlers took her in and trained her in their two unique styles, which is what she brings to the ring to this day.

In the midst of all this, she managed to form a deep connection with James Raven, and the two have been together since January of 2019. Even though they are the quintessential "fairy-tale" couple now, their beginning had a rocky start. The two fell in love while she was still dating another wrestler, Chuck Matthews. Though they never took it any farther than a stolen kiss, it was enough for Betsy to know where her heart was. Yet, this was the same time her head was turned by the Time Lord known only as Jon Smithee. He whisked her away, temporarily turning her head away from James in favor of the entire universe. For a time, James came along, but he soon felt uncomfortable with the fact that Mr. Smithee also wanted Betsy. He decided to stay home and let Betsy know that he wouldn't wait around for her forever. It didn't take long for it to drive her mad and she made the decision to return to Earth to be with the man of her dreams.

She continued to train with the Lasiewiczs' as well as Raven and fellow wrestler Shawn Warstein. Both men were impressed with her determination and ability to pick up everything quickly. It was barely a year after she started training with them that they were both encouraging her to get into the ring. Stepping foot first in the XWF, she quickly turned heads with her natural talent and her debut, in which she almost uncrowned the current Shooting Star Champion. It didn't take her long to follow James and Shawn to GCWA, where, along with Noah Jackson and Jackson Hart, she was accepted into Legacy. She quickly caught attention there too, winning their Righteous Rumble 2020 tournament and nearly uncrowning GCWA Champion, Mack O'Connor. She also found herself in the XHF Network, where she quickly fell in with her best friend Adam Sanders and won their Phoenix Championship in her second match.

Even through all of that, the wanderlust burned heavily in her heart. She held it at bay for as long as she could, but it just became too much for her to handle. Using the tome of Time Lord Technology she'd stolen from Mr. Smithee, Betsy proceeded to build her own TARDIS out of an old Bill and Ted style phone booth given to her by Shawn. Giving it a purple paint-job and naming it Excellence (how fitting, am I right?), Betsy now whizzes about the universe and the wrestling world at her own pace, defying the odds and making the impossible happen. After all, she didn't earn the nickname "The Impossible Traveler" by being ordinary.

However, a dark secret has just been revealed, a secret that she is now on a mission to uncover completely. Her entire world has been flipped upside down by the revelation that her family isn't her real family... Nor is she a true citizen of Earth. Desperate now to figure out who she is and what happened to her planet, Betsy uses the ring as a desperate bid to stay connected to her humanity. Though she has the full support of her family, friends, and loved ones in this new venture, Betsy can't help but feel a sense of betrayal and does everything she can to make sure she still loves her life here. Still, the secrets of her life trouble her, so don't be surprised if she doesn't make sense from time to time...

All of Time and Space, and Betsy still managed to end up here. For better or for worse, FIGHT! now has to contend with the chaotic energy that is Betsy Granger!



Blood Money 2 Writing Prompt


Blood Money 2 Match


Manhattan Championship Victory Bonus


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Countdown Victory


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Silent FIGHT! Victory


Venom #14 Writing Prompt


Venom #14 Defeat


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Venom #12 Defeat


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Ascension Team First Place


ASCENSION Manhattan Lottery


Venom #10 Writing Prompt


Venom #10 Victory


FIGHT! NYC Islands Championship Victory Bonus


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Venom #8 Victory


Venom #7 Writing Prompt


Venom #7 Victory


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Venom #8

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