Brandon MooreBrandon Moore

"The Faded Star"

BM Log


Brandon Moore


Brandon Moore


The Faded Star


6'5", 245lbs


Kevin Creekman


"Been a Problem" by Yelawolf


Saito Suplex
Overshot Uranage Slam (lands on their neck with legs over their head)
Capture T-Bone Suplex
Snap Fisherman Plex
Fireman’s Carry Knee Neckbreaker
Headlock Takedown Rest Hold
Arm Drag
Powerslam (ala Randy Orton)
Fall Away Pump Handle Slam
Overhead Belly to Belly
Argentine DDT
Gutwrench Suplex
Half Nelson Suplex
Headlock Suplex
Back Drop Suplex
Pumphandle Flipping Release Half Nelson Suplex
Deadlift German Suplex
Wrist Lock transitioned into a short-arm Bicycle High Knee


- Snap Dragon Suplex

"FYF" (FuckYourFace)
- Running Bicycle Knee Strikes (different variations include: opponent using ropes to get up, sitting in corner, standing in corner, popping up as opponent jumps from the top rope or a higher structure, and simply getting to their knees in the ring or outside floor.)

"The Living Tribunal"
- Sit Out Hip Toss Transitioning into a Koji Clutch (used as submission finish)

- Black Mass Spin Kick (out of nowhere desperation finisher)


"The Everblack" - One Handed Electric Chair Driver aka One Winged Angel (plants them on their neck instead of back)


"Droppin' LSD and makin' pupils dilated. Take a breather, the best of y'all ain't fuckin' with me neither. Born in August, lost in December, rock a hoodie, bring a heater. Too cold, no silver spoon up in the soup bowl. Lotta cabinets elaborate, I don't even know how to open up the champagne bottle on the shelf. Shots of King Louie when they told me I should sip."

"Yup, stay slum, that's a promise!"

"That ain't just an honor to the fallen, it's a homage. No bondage, the Chevrolet is blacker than the onyx. On the pinky ring, partner, don't tell me to be honest. 'Cause I ain't never lied to kick it with you fuckin' lames. If it ain't the truth then I don't say a fuckin' thing. Wood grippin' like the handle on the meat cleaver. Swingin' like a killer to this beat, I'm a beef eater. Pigs too, fuck you, bacon, chicken, fish. Eat that pussy, but I don't eat with no pussy bitch. Peelin' out, wheels smokin' like this mic cord. White walls like the inside of a psych ward."

"I go real raw, and my lips look like the package, sealed off. All that talkin' on the internet, shit get you killed off. This Glock hit you in the head, it's like a steel ball. I'm the same kid that had the xanax in the pill jar. Tantalizin', count the money twice, over-analyzin'. Got the call, ain't just hit her walls, man, I'm vandalizin'. She got it on herself, it look like hand sanitizer. You goin' broke, homie, I can't advise ya. Bitch, I made gold with the dirt that they gave me. Yeah, I'm an old soul who done signed under Damon."

"That's a invitation to you imitators. Make an example outta you, you be a demonstrator."

"I've been all around the world and never been a hater."

"Knock your lights out and turn my power on, generator."

-Been a Problem, Yela

Born to the sister of then Russian KGB Agent, Vladimir Putin, Brandon's life was fucked from the start. Uncle Vlad had a hand in raising him. Example: Taught how to deconstruct and reconstruct an AK-47 at four years of age. A year later? Uncle Vlad forced Brandon to aim and fire on four of his men who were found to be homosexual, something Brandon's Uncle was extremely phobic of. When he missed all four on purpose? Well, you ever heard of the heat box? Sure you have.

Well. Russia don't got no heat, so Uncle Vlad would put him in the ice box. Inside a wooden box 10x10 in a frozen hole in the Siberian terrain. Believe me when I tell you that you would rather go to the heat box. Atleast then you'd get to hallucinate after a few days. But not in that frozen hell hole. This was the 10x10 birthplace of the one who would later become The Despised Icon. Uncle Vlad sent Brandon to America once Momma Moore fully succumbed to her debilitating blindness, at just ten years old. And he had him left where? The fucking Midwest. St. Louis, Missouri.

Thanks Unc.

Brandon survived, cuz, I mean, he's Brandon fucking Moore. And that is just what he does. The eternity spent frozen in a hole hardened him to his humane core, rotting it out somewhere along the way. He grew up running around with thugs and bangers, dealing drugs and getting paid 5%. He was only 12 y'all. A year from there, he injected methamphetamine for the first time. And that is the moment his world truly got flipped and turned upside down.

A lot of murder happened around Brandon over the years, and many thought he the culprit, but no evidence of proof was ever to be found. And as he grew older, he met a man named Damon Riggs who took him from off the street and began training him to be not only a professional wrestler, but also a professional shoot fighter. It was during this time that Brandon met his now wife, Michelle Moore, as she is the sister of Damon Riggs. Though Damon was displeased, he allowed it once he had came across them one night and saw how happy Brandon made his sister.

Fast forward and Brandon is a rookie in the business. He went on one of the most legendary rookie runs there has ever been in this sport. In just three months of being in the squared circle, Brandon laid waste to the cream of the crop in Nonstop Championship Wrestling, becoming the youngest world Champion ever in professional wrestling when he was but 19. He would hold hold belt until the doors closed. But soon rose up the ranks of another promotion, this time Fade 2 Black, and was once again world champion.

Fast forward to Brandon being careless, reckless, and dangerous for Damon's new protégé and daughter's boyfriend to be best friends with, and after an ill-fated night at a dive bar where people were severely hurt and both Brandon and the boyfriend, Dane Preston, were arrested and charged with aggravated battery. Damon used to always use his connections to save the day the previous times this would happen to save both of their asses, but this time he only came for Dane.. leaving Brandon behind to rot in his new 10x10 box.

Brandon beat the charges on a technicality and tried to return to the Riggs compound, his home, but was denied entry. Michelle fought and begged her brother to have compassion, but to his credit he did warn Brandon on several occasions that something bad would end up happening. And so Brandon turned away from what he thought was his new family and began to leave, only to be joined a minute later by Michelle who took him by his hand.

"I'm never letting you go." She told him. And he was in agreement.

They fled the country at this time as Brandon sought to face his Uncle and find his mother that he hadn't heard from since he was a ten year old boy. Along the way the pair got married, and wrestled all over Europe with Brandon falling further and further into the darkness within himself, the darkness others point to as their proof he was one of history's most infamous serial killers. Allegations that never found footing I might add. And Michelle directed his darkness toward the squared circle, and Brandon quickly became the new king of Ultra Violence.

He merged his violence with his impeccable skill inside of the ring as a pure wrestler. And it has carried him alllllllll the way through the fire and hell to get to where he is today. As one of Fight! NYC's bigger draws, and treatment as such, Brandon succumbed to the greedy nature of things, and lost everything when Michelle said, "No more." Left, and filed for divorce. She soon after discovered she was pregnant, and went to her still husband with the news.. He was over the moon. Brandon was finally given the chance to atone for not just his supposed crimes and toxicity, but the crimes and spoiled nature of the very family from which he came from. A family that now lives in New York with him on the ex-Liberty Island, now rebranded as Eulogeo in honor of the Moore's savior, their newborn son Ezra.

Now Brandon is out to rewrite his stars, and clear the overflown red from his ledger once and for all.

No matter what it takes.



Venom #18 Defeat


Venom #17 Victory


Venom #16 Victory


Blood Money 2 Writing Prompt


Blood Money 2 Match


Islands Championship Victory Bonus


Countdown Writing Prompt


Countdown Victory


Venom #14 Writing Prompt


Venom #14 Defeat


Venom #13 Writing Prompt


Gift to Miss Michelle


Venom #12 Writing Prompt


Islands Championship Bid


Gift to Dane Preston


Ascension Team Fourth Place (Give All To Leader)


Ascension Wager


Ascension Writing Prompt


Ascension Defeat


Venom #10 Writing Prompt


Venom #10 Victory


Venom #9 Writing Prompt


Venom #9 Victory


Toxic Tag Writing Prompt


Toxic Tag Finalist


Venom #5 Victory


Venom #3 Writing Prompt Victory


Venom #3 Victory


Blood Money Participation


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