Graham ClausonGraham Clauson

"Shoot King, Notorious 513, GC"

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Graham Xavier Clauson-Felder


Graham Clauson


Shoot King, Notorious 513, GC


6'2" (188 cm), 218 lbs. (98.88 kg)


Matt Cross


"Lumberjack" by Tyler the Creator


- Quick Lucha Chain-Exchanges
- Knife-Edged Chops
- Open-Hand Chest Slaps
- Backfist Jab
- Spinning Roundhouse
- Knee Strike
- Enzuigiri/Gamengiri
- Savate Kick (Standing/Leaping)
- Forearm Smash
- Japanese Armdrag
- Rolling Koppo Kick
- Dragon Screw
- Belly-to-Belly Suplex
- Hurricanrana (Multiple Variations)
- Russian Leg Sweep
- Dragon Suplex
- German Suplex
- Fisherman Buster
- Brainbuster
- Crucifix Driver
- Leg Drop
- Lariat
- Vertical Suplex
- Gutwrench Suplex
- Lightning Spiral
- Calf Kick/Leg Lariat
- Kathahajime
- Buffalo Sleeper
- Falcon Arrow
- Moonsault (Standing, Middle and Top Rope)
- 450 Splash
- Running Shooting Star Press
- Half-Nelson Pumphandle Driver
- Blue Thunder Bomb
- Rolling/Flying Cross-Armbar


- Spinning Backfist
Has an "Out-of-Nowhere" effect, usually during a strike-exchange.

- Sasuke Special II
Cartwheel Over-the-Top Suicide Corkscrew Senton.

- Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker
Used as a rope-rebound only.

- The Avondale Experience
Springboard European Uppercut.

- Ludovico
Snapmare Driver (Headlock Driver variant involving shorter opponents).

- Green Arrow
Top Rope Corkscrew Shooting Star Press, sometimes used as a finisher.

- Deathtrap (aka Scarlet Letter)
Scissored Single-Arm-Trap Front Guillotine, sometimes used as a finisher.


Call CPD (Psycho Driver)


Trained by his parents and uncle at their own wrestling school, the Dayton Wrestling Academy, Graham was born into a wrestling dynasty of sorts. With his parents and uncle being decorated competitors themselves, Graham had the sport of professional wrestling coursing through his own veins from the start.

Graham is no stranger to the "big stage" of professional wrestling, being a major star of the CWC-affiliated Evolution/X3 Wrestling promotion. Sadly, the company eventually ran itself into the ground, leaving Graham to have to move on to other promotions. Eventually forming the Shoot Kings with former rival-turned-friend, the late Madman Szalinski, the team ran amok in multiple promotions throughout the world; being known as the team that would pull no punches, verbally or literally. During their time as a duo, they would participate in several Tag Team title matches in five promotions throughout the world, but would only capture one championship while in the United Kingdom. A month later, they would end up losing the championship.

Success, and buzz, for the team began to extinguish quickly. After several bad bookings with multiple regional promotions, and a failed attempt to get a regional promotion going, Graham and Madman would split as a team and take a hiatus. Madman would return to Singles competition and regain his prominence. Graham would end up returning in the same promotion and reform the Shoot Kings with Madman, but Madman's health began to decline rapidly until his "death".

Graham's presence in the public vanished after Madman's death, later to resurface in the United Kingdom to make sporadic appearances and competed in a few matches. After that, Graham returned stateside, making one appearance in HOW before returning to action in Trinity Wrestling until it's first closure. Since that time, Graham had disappeared from the professional wrestling scene and social media after attempting to take on everyone and anyone around him. That is, until they resurfaced and put ink down...

Unfortunately, it was only the beginning of Graham traveling down this dark path as he entered Outlaw Pro Wrestling with the intent to take the top prize for himself by demand - until, at least in his mind, management kept him away from the top prize by using lesser talent as a distraction. After weeks of repeated matches, Graham finally proved that he was not just another competitor with a flashy choice of moves by defeating Vincent Black in the final broadcast under the Outlaw promotional banner.

Now in FIGHT-NYC, Graham hopes to maintain his momentum obtained in the ashes of the world of Outlaw and earn what he feels has always evaded him - the top of the mountain (or would we prefer we call it the tower here?).



Venom #5 Defeat


Venom #4 Victory


Venom #3 Defeat


Venom #2 Writing Prompt


Venom #2 Defeat


Blood Money Participation


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Venom #5

13th Aug 2021 at 08:12:17 PM

Venom #4

6th Aug 2021 at 08:26:15 PM