Nick KnightNick Knight

"Nicky Nightmare, The Hollywood Butcher"

BM Log


Nicholas James Knight


Nick Knight


Nicky Nightmare, The Hollywood Butcher


6'2, 245


Jon Moxley[


Momma Said Knock You Out by Five Finger Death Punch ft Tech N9ne


1. Dirty Boxing
2. Lariat
3. Shoulder Block
4. Palm Strikes
5.Hard Headbutts
6. Sliding Lariat

Grapple Front
1.Vertical Suplex
2.T-bone Suplex
3. Spinning Spinebuster
4.Snap Suplex
5. Wrist Clutch Exploder
6. STO
7. Belly to Belly Suplex (Overhead and Spinning)
8. Northern Lights Throw

Grapple Back
1.German Suplex
2.Dragon Suplex
3. LA LA Land Suplex
4. Belly to Back Suplex

Ground (strike attacks, ground grapples, submissions)
1. Running Knee to Seated Opponent
2. Sliding Clothesline
3. Kimura
4. Knee Bar
5. Guillotine Choke

Corner (Strike, top rope grapple etc)
1. Muay Thai Knees
2. Splash
3. Palm Strikes
4. Avalanche Suplex Variations
5. Senton Splash from Middle Turnbuckle

1. Diving Headbutt
2. Senton Splash

Running ( Grapple, Strike etc)
1. Bulldog
2. European Uppercut
3. Boot Scrape


Non-Dairy Creamer (Half and Half Suplex)
Welcome to Hollywood (Rainmaker)
Banned in Memphis (Piledriver)


LA LA Land (Tazzmission/Redrum


The illegitimate son of journeyman wrestler and promoter named Jimmy Knight and a cocktail waitress. Nicky grew up in the Chicago projects raised by his crack addict mother and a series of abusive “uncles” and “new daddies.” Until finally at the age of 14 Nicky ran away from home.

Finally landing in LA, Nicky lived on the streets, squatting in empty buildings and picking pockets to buy food. That is until by a stroke of luck Nicky met semi-retired professional wrestler Jerry Foster. Foster put a roof over Nicky’s head, made sure he went to school, and most importantly taught the young man the Knight family business.

Nicky first broke into the business in Mexico as El Luchador Gran Blanco. Two years later Nicky unmasked and began a journey that would take him all over the world. “The Hollywood Butcher” would win titles in several respected companies and become a staple on the Best Wrestler in The World list put out by the dirtsheets.

Then under the strain of a failing marriage, heavy drinking, and too much time on the road Nick suffered a major nervous breakdown. It occurred at a Taco Bell in Melbourne, FL when he attacked the cashier with a plastic spark because all of the sour cream on his Burrito Supreme was all on one end.

Somehow able to convince the judge that his client was unfit to stand trial Nick’s younger brother, L. Samuel Crosse, got him sentenced to The Gator Island Hospital for the Criminally Insane. After just over a year on The Island, Nick was released into the care of world renowned Psychiatrist Dr. Phil Goode.

Fearing that his patient would struggle to live under the strict rules of society Dr. Goode agreed to allow him to return to the nut farm that is professional wrestling. After working several Indy shows to get back into ring shape Nick signed a contract with the Imperial Wrestling Federation.

A year and a half later is one of the top stars in the company including a two month run as Television Champion. His personal life is back in order as he is a polyamorous relation with his ex-wife Penny Dreadful and a young woman named Cin. The three along with Nick and Penny's son JC live together in a house in the Hollywood Hills.



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