Ophelia PainOphelia Pain

"Pheelz or Pheely"



Ophelia Pain


Ophelia Pain


Pheelz or Pheely


5'8'', 150


Emma Stone


Demons Are A Girl's Best Friend by POWERwolf


Diving chop
Diving elbow drop
Diving bulldog
Spinning heel kick
Sunset flip
Diving clothesline
Thesz press with punches
Diving knee drop bulldog
Trapping headbutts
Scissor kick
Crooked arm lariat
Flying lariat


Spookshow Thriller: With her opponent stunned, Ophelia drags them into a corner and lifts them to the top turn buckle where she fastens them by the neck to the turnbuckle with a loose strap from her top. She backs up to the opposite corner, does a cartwheel into a backhand spring, and locking her ankles around the opponents waist, pulling them down, and sitting on to them until they tap out or pass out, wildly laughing as they struggle.

Line of Insanity: Ophelia has her opponent in a standing arm bar as she mounts the turnbuckle. She balances herself on the top rope and with every step she takes, she pirouets and twists her opponent's arm until they are screaming for her to stop. She looks down at them with a sadistic smile before letting go of their arm and hitting them with a flying dropkick.

Broken Hearts: The opponent is resting against a turnbuckle, catching their breath and stunned. Ophelia, feigning sadness walks over to her opponent, takes their face in her hands, kisses them lightly on the forehead before throat chopping them and double heart punching them.


The Spookshow Thriller


Ophelia has been wrestling for the better part of her life. At the tender age of 13 she began training with her father Dr. Lawrence Pain, famed plastic surgeon turned professional wrestler. After a falling out between her and her father, Ophelia sought to make her own name for herself in the professional wrestling circut until she found her place among the weirdos in BwA. There she met and formed The Misfits with Chip Shiller, Tommy Kain, and LA Kief. Misfits would come and go, but Chip, Tommy, and Ophelia always seemed to find their way back to each other. Only after a major falling out between Tommy Kain and Ophelia did the Misfits disband for the last time, resulting in their much anticipated wedding being called off and Ophelia entering rehab.
It was only after entering rehab that Ophelia was forced to deal with the voice inside of her head, Miss Murder, whom Ophelia believes led her to her massive heroin addiction. After her first stint in rehab, Ophelia met Jayson Violence and they became close. She adopted her niece, Matilda Jayne, and now cares for her as if she were her own daughter.
Ophelia debated formally retiring after a final falling out between she and Jayson Violence. She decided to sleep on it for a while until she thought that perhaps she could come back and cause a little ruckus before making the decision to retire or step back in to competition

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